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Selfies hit the research market
I've been checking out a new agency VoxPopMe. They deliver insight through their panel of 20,000 participants who will happily upload 60 seconds video commentary on… whatever you put to them. The agency uses crowd-sourcing to code responses and deliver sentiment analysis too. I haven’t worked with them yet, and I think their expertise is more in technology rather research, but I think their single-minded focus has real pull.  I'll be considering them for future projects!

If you are involved in research that wants to understand people’s daily experiences, then you’ve probably used mobile technology – either through apps (like Ethosapp; Visionslive; Revelation) or through device-agnostic software from companies like Dub). Here’s some thinking on how to deliver the very best insight using this technology. Read more

I’ve done the reading for you. Help yourself here to my take on this broad subject and its relevance to qualitative research.

I’m really pleased to have re-established relationships with Aviva, Nestle and JD Williams, and to be working for new clients like Clydesdale Yorkshire Bank and Kerry Foods. 
My high fives from 2014 are listed below. Thanks to everyone who commissioned and encouraged Qual Street last year, and here’s to 2015!

over 4 months of fieldwork looking at in-home behaviour. 

"This research is packed full of new insights
– we’ve got a pretty good understanding of how to get consumers to pick
our products from the supermarket shelf, but how often do we consider how to ensure they
are picked from the consumers’ own kitchen shelves (that definitely aren’t merchandised to
a planogram!)? It’s fascinating stuff!"

Vikki Brunning
Brand Manager
at Kellogg’s.

I’ve been collaborating with Harp from
Studio HB to deliver great visuals
for stimulus and presentations. She’s also taught me how to use
In-Design software so
I can get graphical too.

It was lovely (and new) to get lots of emails and texts from participants saying how much they enjoyed taking part in research. Read more here about thankful respondents…

I’ve done a lot of book reading, attended lectures, training sessions and watched a fair few webinars  over the last year with the intention of applying what I learn to the research I do. Everything learned gets shared on the Free Thinking section of the website – help yourself!

One lovely client got an infographic poster with key insights visualised, I emailed one client’s team with a new daily insight in the run up to the debrief to get everyone up for the session, I did some free extra interviews for another client when we discovered a missing segment in our sample…everyone got something unasked for, for free