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Fake it to Make it

Fake it to Make it


Stimulus needs to look really good!

For years I’ve struggled with respondents reacting to the way an idea looks rather than the idea itself. I’ve implored them – don’t worry about how it looks, it’s your reaction to the idea I want. But still they insist on reacting to its form as well as its content. Now I get it. We aren’t wired to separate the two. Form is content. So I’m making sure my stimulus looks as good as possible.

This week I’m setting up a financial project. Harp (HB Studios) is designing a leaflet for me on a new healthcare proposition, and I’m shooting an ‘interview’ with a financial advisor about the product too.

I’m trying to get the stimulus as close to marketing material as I can, not because I want to test the marketing approach, but because I need to test the idea.

Finally, I’ve realised…if you want to get better insight into new ideas, you need to fake it to make it!


Kath Rhodes, Qual Street Owner

I love love learning and so I invest time and resources with Ambreen and Claire into exploring social psychology, neuro science, creativity and new techniques in research. Read all about it and help yourself to the ideas that will deliver your business the insight it needs

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