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Remembering and Name Checking

Remembering and Name Checking


I’ve been reading Steven Pressfield’s Do the Work and it got me remembering…

… a technique I saw amazing Face researcher Ludwig Duran use to warm up about 60 people in a big workshop. (He was the best warm-up man I’ve ever seen).

What’s in the box? Team up in pairs. One person mimes looking in and opening up a box – they pull something out and tell their partner what they are seeing. Swap and carry on. A great warm-up for creative and mind-opening endeavour.

Time Capsule I think it was Toby Newall that introduced me to this one. A pre-task for group discussions or depths which are focused on ‘my life’. Ask people to write down 10 household objects they’d put in a time capsule that would tell the story of their life these days.

Show me what’s in your purse A bit like the time capsule idea, and my own invention. You learn so much about people’s personality, finances, and general behaviour by askimg them to show you what’s in their wallet. Concrete ‘evidence’ is always so great for opening up conversations.

Name Game Another of my own. A great warm-up for a group if you, like me, are sh*t at remembering people’s names. Get them to elect a famous name sake in the introductions bit of a group discussion. I’m Kath, so today I’ll be Katherine Hepburn.

That’s it, recall over!


Kath Rhodes, Qual Street Owner

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