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Give and Take by Adam Grant


This book will inspire you to use your better nature when you do business…

Grant explores the different styles that we adopt in the world of work. He suggest that there are three types of behaviours… the ‘givers’ the people whose instinct is altruism. Then there are those that reciprocate… they reward givers and they take around takers. This is the status quo of the workplace. Finally there are the takers, the people that claw and manipulate their way to the top.

Grant makes the case that it’s the givers that win. Not in the short-terms – because giving is a long game…

I am enjoying reading this book (not finished so far) and some of the concepts are intriguing. I like the concept of ‘expedition behaviour’, where you focus on the mission in order to get the job done, rather than your own personal goals.

It’s encouraging me to exploit my better nature – and I like that.

My problem with his book so far? He is using very exceptional people as his exemplary givers, and I just don’t know how us ordinary folk can live up to that. So is his argument a bit tautological? Exemplary people do well… because they are exemplary?

Let me know what you think…


Kath Rhodes, Qual Street Owner

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