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I read Seth Godin and A learning a day pretty much every day.

They both encourage me to be a more generous person, and to keep on going. The other day I read Seth talking about writing your own five star review (of your latest endeavour) as a way of helping you get to a better output. And I thought. Oh, I’ll copy that – it’s a great little qual exercise. Then the next day I read the man from A learning a day talking about Seth’s idea, and adding his own bit in. So here’s my copy of a copy. I can imagine asking respondents to write a five star review of a service or experience from a provider as it should be: the new food range in Morrison’s, the new cakes they’ve got in Costa Coffee. Write a five star review of it as it should be…

… That could really help the respondent identify what would make something delightful, which in turn could help a client know how to delight! It’s an idea I’ve heard before (the obituary… etc), but I like the idea of the 5* review because it feels like it puts a better wrapper around the concept. So, hat tip to Seth Godin and the man from a learning a day…

Oh, and copy, copy, copy is copied from Mark Earls’ latest book.


Kath Rhodes, Qual Street Owner

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