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Save some money back for when you know what the insight is…

We could learn a thing or two from the building industry. They set aside time at the end of a project for snagging, because they know that little bits and pieces of the build will need to be tidied up and finished off properly.

When I work on big projects, I often wish that I’d persuaded my client to put aside some budget for snagging. Not because anything has gone wrong, or been done badly, but because there are things that you know at the end of a project that you don’t know whilst you are doing it, (the things that emerge during the analysis phase) and if you had a bit of snagging budget you’d be able to interview a few extra people on film (for example) to get some great clips to nail that insight.
Snagging is particularly pertinent for clients who want to take their research findings out on the road to their customers – and want some bespoke clips about their customers’ business…


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