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Energisers - these work


I always forget good energisers, so I’m making a note of two that worked well in workshop recently.

You know, everyone’s got back from lunch, and there are three more hours of the workshop to go, and actually everyone needs to get down to some hard work.

Here are two I did earlier…

The clapping Mexican wave
Get everyone in a circle and start a clap sequence. Start the circle clapping clockwise and then when you have a nice rhythm going get the clap going anticlockwise. The clapped hand should be ‘pointing’ towards the person that is catching the clap (ha ha that’s rude). Then ‘throw’ your clap to someone in the circle and see what they do with that. Encourage loud clapping, lots of reversing and throwing of the clap…

Spy and Spycatcher
Get each person to mentally nominate someone who is a spy and someone who is a spycatcher. Then tell them they must not allow the spycatcher to be in the line of sight of the spy… it gets silly.


Kath Rhodes, Qual Street Owner

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