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An all day qual creative workshop on developing new techniques and ideas – great idea, didn’t really deliver.

The hack was a blow out, but I also got to check out the latest innovations & technologies in research. I thought you might like to check out these businesses too..

A tidy idea. A social media app dedicated to opinion polling. Participants both ask and answer questions, and they get to see the poll results real-time too.

So, Voice Poll is driven by ‘social proof’, the desire lots of people have to see how they fit in with what other people think. 

Participant earn points when they answer polls so they get to ask questions too when they answered enough. Clients get to plant questions, at a cost 10 US cents per person polled.
The best way to get a sense of the app is to download it yourself. You’ll see a lot of the questions are naff and poorly constructed. But that doesn’t mean yours has to be…

A different way to present big number data, using an on-line dashboard. Dapresey have developed data visualisation tools that mean you can say goodbye to static powerpoint charts and say hello to dynamic visual data (that can be delivered as pdfs, so you still get your ‘charts’ when you need them). 

You can buy a one-off service to get your data looking good, or a license for a certain number of projects each year.

The sample charts I saw looked great, infographical. I can’t say how easy their technology is to use, and it needs to be user friendly to be worthwhile, but I think they are worth checking out.

Among other things this business offers Meta4Insight (yuk to the product name!). This is an
off-the-shelf product that explores  a huge image bank of visuals with respondents in order to dig into the less conscious associations we have with brands, experiences and institutions. You can use their resource qualitatively and quantitatively. I’m not convinced there’s anything amazingly special here, but it has reminded me of the real benefits of developing a set of images to use as a resource in research.

I didn’t realise it, but Google now do research. You pay 10 US cents per person per question, and they access two different panels – people who complete questionnaires in return for credits on Google Play, and others who answer polling questions as a passport to ‘read on’ as they click into news and magazine articles. 
So, I’d like to introduce you to new additions: Gemma Teed,  who can deliver Account Planning expertise, and brings with her a big black book of ad agency contacts, copy writers, visualisers and fellow planners. In Feb I worked with Caroline Pakel who focuses her business on creative problem solving. Kirsty Henthorne  was a brilliant Streetmate with client-side expertise. She is a corporate coach as well as a great researcher. 

Qual Street is here to deliver your projects the care, attention and expertise they deserve – my top team is part of that promise.
The Qual Street website is packed full of articles long and short all designed to inspire and inform you about research related matters.  It’s getting a refresh in the next month, so you’ll be able to read client testimonials and case studies from the last two years. Until then, why not check out my latest article on the benefits of doing cognitive interviews before you embark on quantitative surveys.
Thank you to Omega Pharma for hosting their supplier night where they celebrated the success of the last year and share their plans for the future. Omega Pharma is  #3 pharmaceutical business in the UK, and in huge growth mode - a massive achievement.

Thank you to Gillian Oliver, who runs Modicum, for commissioning the most interesting project of my research career. If your business needs to go somewhere new, then you should get in touch with Gillian, she’s amazing.